In the years that went by since we organized the best free tours in town, we met travelers that were always curious for out of the ordinary, contrasting & alive places to visit.

When we travel, we search for the same aspects. Besides meeting the locals, that usually have the best insights and advice, we want to search for the unique places and get the best out of every new experiences.

This is one of the main reasons we wanted to tap into the unexplored urban delta of Bucharest (…) what nature did there is truly amazing & unique.

Fortunately, we had the full support of the administrators of the park & they also have a guide that goes along with us for the tour of the area and so… we presented with the opportunity to see the only urban delta in Romania with a guide that provides the stories and essentials of the place. 

We called the tour a Wild(about) Tour – (read the story of the tour in May with Carmen, one of our most experienced guides, here)

In short: a walk inside the biggest natural area inside of a city from Europe – and the story of how nature conquered back a huge area. Worth noting it, indeed. Moreover, we get to climb the Observatory – (the 17th floor!) and about that, be sure to bring your camera with you, and ready you instagram account 😀

Feedback was much better than expected & so we plan to put it on the schedule next year, starting March – every Monday!

In case you want to know more about the tour or have any suggestions,

Just send us an email here Bucharest [a]

At the same time, check us on facebook & get in touch!

Safe travels, see you in the Văcărești Delta, soon!