Continuing our series of #ExperienceBucharest posts, about how our guides  were involved in promoting Bucharest. On this occasion we met bloggers and influencers from all around the world. It was a great event and we are sure more and more people will put Bucharest on their travel list.

We asked Mihaela and Alina, our guides who organized each a Walkabout Free Tour for our guests, how was their experience.

Mihaela answered:

I have been doing the Bucharest Walkabout Free Tour for 4 years now and I am pleasantly surprised every time to see that most people come to Bucharest without misconceptions but also without any expectations. They leave impressed by the history of the city, its architecture, the food and the friendly people and I am really proud to be part of their great experience here.

Last weekend as part of #ExperienceBucharest I did more than a tour. It was a perfectly balanced group with Miranda and Mark from The Common Wanderer and Adrian (a local entrepreneur) and myself from the Romanian side.

I did most of the talking of course but it was also a lot of dialogue about how Bucharest developed over the years, in different periods of time and about what it has to offer.

If I would have to put this tour in a sentence I would say: A relaxed atmosphere, friends talking to friends!

Alina had also two guests, Ella – Ellatravelworld ( Travel Photography | Ella Travels World) and Jacob, writing for Calaméo – Search. “I had a great time with my guests exploring the most iconic places of Bucharest. Ella was passionate about photography so I tried to show her the best angles and the contrasts of our city – beautiful elegant architecture, forgotten buildings that seem to collapse, cool bars and more, all in the city center.  In the mean time, Jacob was really interested in the stories, the evolution of the city, the actual situation and perspectives of the city. Both really completed the experience for me as a guide and I enjoyed the different perspectives people get about Bucharest.”

Can’t wait to see now our guests perspectives about their visit. Up to then, feel free to join our daily free tour and get your own understanding over Bucharest.

Special thanks to our hosts Gloria Jeans Coffe Shop – Old Town, for the coffe break and hosting our NGO’s tourist information point – Bucharest City Info.