One of the main tourist aspects of visiting Bucharest and Romania is the local cuisine. I’m happy to say that the Romanian food has something for everybody, from meat lovers to vegetarians , nobody will leave disappointed. Now we’re going to tell you about some Romanian dishes:

  1. Mamaliga, or as some of you may know it already as “Polenta”, it’s a porridge made out of corn flower,you can eat it with some cottage cheese and some sour cream, or you can have it as a side-dish for the next item
  2. Sarmale, this is the go-to dish that Romanians use to make the tourists spend as much time as they can in Romania. It’s minced meat rolled in pickled cabbage leaves and left in a pot to boil. It’s usually made for holidays and there is an unspoken contest all throughout Romania to find whose mother makes the best sarmale!
  3. Mici, this is what the locals go crazy for. It’s grilled minced meat usually made out of pork or a mixture of beef and lamb. It’s very tasty and It goes so well wit a beer (the best Romanian beer is Timisoreana).
  4. Papanasi, and for a finishing touch you have to enjoy the desert. The papanasi are made of dough that contains some sweet cheese, and it has the classical shape of the donut. Serve it with some sour cream and dark cherry jam and you’ll find yourself in heaven.

This being said , come join us on the “Guided Bucharest-Free walking tour” to show you the best restaurants to have the meal of your trip!