This year’s edition of the George Enescu Festival promises to be a special one, some of the world’s best orchestras will be performing in Romania this year in a series of prestigious locations around the country.

George Enescu Festival bears the name of the great Romanian composer, violinist, pianist and professor, George Enescu, who is viewed as one of the greatest composers of the 20th century and Romania’s most important musician. A legendary figure, George Enescu was greatly influenced by the first pieces of music that he heard in his childhood in the village where he grew up, the music of the Romanian lăutari. He fell in love with music at the fragile age of 5 and later on, at the age of 7, he was enrolled at the Vienna Conservatory. He dedicated his whole life to the thing that he loved most, music and specially to composing which was his main interest.

Because of his importance and contribution to the world classical music scene, George Enescu is giving the name to the biggest classical music festival in Eastern Europe.

This year’s edition will also take place in other cities of Romania (Cluj, Iasi, Sibiu and Timisoara) but also in other countries around the world (Germany, Canada, Italy and Moldova). Because of this, the main theme of this year’s festival is “Lumea in armonie”(The world in harmony), which perfectly describes the atmosphere that is created during the concerts. Weather it is music by George Enescu or by other composers, the sounds that are created by the orchestras are forming an ideal harmonious world that is also influencing the general vibe of the cities where the orchestras are playing. The main concerts will take place in Romania’s capital though, in multiple locations including the Romanian Athenaeum, the Royale Palace of Bucharest and other locations.

The George Enescu Festival starts on the 31th of august and ends on the 22nd of September and some of the headliners of the event are the London Symphony Orchestra, the National Orchestra of France, the State Academic Symphony orchestra of Russia and so on. The prices for the tickets can range in between 30 and 210 RON depending on the concert but the festival also provides the option of acquiring full passes that can range from 990 RON (for students and pensioners) to 3080 RON. Over eight thousand festival tickets were sold just in the first 45 minutes of the day the tickets went on sale, so if you are interested in purchasing a ticket at the festival our advice would be to make up your mind as fast as possible, book a flight to Romania and come enjoy some of the best musicians the world has to offer.

Photo credit: George Enescu Festival official webpage