If you plan on coming to Bucharest , it would be best if you gave a read to the list that follows because we are going to tell you the top tips and tricks of the capital city of Romania:

  • The way to greet people is by shaking their hand and looking into their eyes. For the people that know each other, a kiss on the cheek is part of the norm as well.
  • Transportation: taxis are a quick way to get around the city, be aware of the price. Always check the door to see the price per km. The standard price is 1.99 lei/km. Always tell the driver to face the meter towards you.

Bus and metro: a bus fare is 3 lei and one for the metro is 2.5 lei. You need to familiarize yourself with the right way to validate your ticket here .

  • The temperature is within normal range for every season, but sometimes we get the occasional heat wave in the summer or a blizzard in the winter. If you’ll pack your bags with common sense , you should be ok.
  • It is customary to tip taxi drivers, waiters about 10 -15 %.
  • There is no negotiation for the goods that are for sale.
  • Drinking alcohol on the street is illegal, but if you want to have fun and go out in Bucharest the Old town will accommodate your every need.
  • In case you have an emergency , some drug stores are open 24/7
  • If you want to travel to some other parts of Romania , the best way to travel is by train, it’s not very expensive and it saves you the hassle of always questioning your driving/map reading skills J

If you have more questions , you can join us on the “Walkabout Free Tour Bucharest”