At the final stop at the Free Walking Tour, I always tell my tourists that if they want to come back, September is a great month to visit Bucharest. You wonder why? Well, I listed 3 good reasons below:

  1. The weather is perfect! The temperatures drop down to 20 – 25 C, so you won’t sweet anymore and you won’t freeze.
  2. The leaves are turning red and brown and give Bucharest a romantic coat.
  3. Festivals, exhibitions, fairs, concerts, you name it, it is happening in September in Bucharest.

And because I was telling you about festivals, there is an international classical music festival that happens every year in September in Bucharest, George Enescu festival. It is probably the first international festival hosted in Romania. It dates since 1958, three years after the Romanian composer George Enescu passed.

Most of the concerts are taking place inside the Romanian Atheneum, one of the most beautiful buildings we have in the city.

The festival will take place between August 30 and September 20.

Enjoy and see you at the Free Walking Tour! 🙂