This weekend (20 – 23 October) is another special one for Bucharest & for us – no less than 100 (!) travel bloggers, influencers, instagramers, youtubers and social media specialists will be joining us to get the vibe of the city & share it with their audiences throughout the world. After the first gathering in May was a blast, we all wanted more! 🙂

In fact, we are proud to play an important part in the #experienceBucharest project – the biggest event promoting our capital city for professional travelers and curious minds around the globe.

As always, we will be ready & set for welcoming our guests and deliver the first impression, the spicy details, the valuable insights and the human connection we know a true traveler wants.

In this respect, we provide for our guests the first and the best tour in Bucharest – according to your reviews, that is 🙂 – & the amazing Wildabout Tour in Delta Vacarești, – an immersive experience inside the only urban natural park in Europe, a place that has an amazing story of how an ecosystem prevailed in the midst of a city. (see link to read a nice review from one of our guests)

So, the bottom line is: if you are in Bucharest or plan to be here soon, don’t hesitate to reach us & see for yourself what these guys will experience firsthand this weekend.

You can find us offline @Gloria Jeans coffee shop (we set up an info point there 😉 ) or get in touch online at

Safe travels!