Souvenirs are a great way to tell your friends about the amazing journey you just had in a certain place. If it is a tasty souvenir it’s even better. So why not present Bucharest and Romania to your friends through some delicacies? Here are our best 5 food souvenirs and the places you can find them.

  1. Zacusca – traditionally made from eggplant, tomatoes, red pepper and a lot of onions, now you can find it in different combinations with mushrooms, beans and even fish from the Danube Delta. You can find it in any super market but if you want a really tasty one, take some time and go to Bacania Veche. I promise you won’t be disappointed!
  2. Magiun – a plum jam without any added sugar, perfect for children on a fluffy pancake ;). There are several brands selling it, like Topoloveni or Raureni and you can find them in any super market.
  3. Hot pepper jam – yes, yes, you read it well! A very hot and sweet jam! It goes perfect with a stake. Usually you can find it in a local market like Piata Obor but sometimes they have also in Mega Image.
  4. Nasal cheese – made of cow milk and maturated in the natural cave from Taga, near Cluj Napoca. Goes very well red dry wines or fruits. You can find it in any super market.
  5. Plescoi sausages – made in the county of Buzau, they have a very distinct taste and can be eaten raw. You can find it in any super market.

If you want to try some meat and cheese specialties while in Bucharest you can also look for any Zimbria store. Put some Romanian wine next to them and dinner is ready. Enjoy!