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May 15th 2020. As you already know, the whole world is being affected by the new coronavirus. Because of this, most of the countries, but especially the ones most affected, imposed a lot of restrictions. Romania is no exception. So if you plan to travel anywhere this summer, first of all check the restrictions and decide from there.
In Romania the restrictions will be a bit more relaxed starting 15 of May but is not yet the case to plan a holiday here. Bellow you will find the most important measures in place from May 15 and we will be updating this article with new ones whenever it will be the case.

Reopens under strict conditions
1. Parks are going to be opened so we can all enjoy the beautiful spring 
2. Museums will be opened with strict visitation rules.
3. A lot of local markets will also be reopened so we can enjoy seasonal fresh food.
4. Hairdressing salons and Dental Clinics can be opened with very strict health conditions.
5. Some companies can open their offices but at the entrance they have to check the temperature of the employees going in. Also they have to have different starting and finishing hours of the program in order not to crowd the public transportation.
6. Public transportation is working and the local transport company ensures the decontamination of the vehicles.
7. Churches can organize service with small number of participants. The average space for a person should be 8 sqm.
8. Hotels are open only for business travels and quarantine COVID-19 patients in special cases.

Mandatory measures
1. Face mask is mandatory indoors, in public spaces.
2. Travel between cities will be allowed after May 15 for family emergencies, health issues or sports (cycling, fishing, hiking etc).
3. People no longer need a written declaration for going out of the house, but the maximum number of people in a group remains at 3. That means maximum 3 people can walk together or drive together in the same car.

Remain closed
1. Restaurants and most of the shopping malls remain closed. There are some food and coffee options to go. You can use UberEats, Glovo, Bringo and other apps to order. All the supermarkets are open so the food supply is not affected.
2. Flights from countries most affected by COVID-19 (Austria, Belgium, UK, Italy, Spain, US, France, Germany etc) are restricted until the end of May 2020.

Stay safe and stay close for more details to come!