Summers can get very hot in Bucharest but the good news it that there are a lot of gardens and terraces where you can cool down and enjoy a cold lemonade, coffee or a nice good wine. Just pick one from the list below and enjoy 😉

La Metoc – Without any hesitation one of our favorite and most local gardens is “La Metoc”. It is literally the front garden of an old house of Bucharest, cosy being the perfect word to describe it. Stepping inside you will immediately feel like entering into a magic world where time stops, where you can truly relax. The garden is located in the Armenian Neighborhood, just 10 minutes away from University square, giving you in opportunity to truly explore Bucharest
Address: Street Popa Rusu, no.21

Eden – The concept of Eden explains the real life of locals, being the secret garden hidden in the heart of the city. People of Bucharest have been always hiding from the hot summer getting cold lemonade or ice cream even since the 19th century when the trend of spending all your summer nights in the gardens began. Eden is hiding behind one of our most beloved palaces, Palatul Stirbey, a forgotten palace in time, but not by us: hammocks, crickets and of course beer! The name says it all…

Monteoru – Another example of beautiful architecture that we can experience here through its garden: Palace in front, garden in the back! “Open Monteoru”, the home of a big bourgeois family from Bucharest is situated on the Victory Boulevard, the most elegant boulevard of Bucharest and gathers there music lovers, local artists and good beverages!
Address: Street Calea Victoriei, no.115

Verona – Verona café is the beautiful garden of Carturesti Bookshop, located near the famous graffiti street of Bucharest, Arthur Verona. It is an artistic pot for musicians, creators, readers in a garden that’s filling you with inspiration in the center of the city. Don`t forget to take a walk on the street to enjoy and photograph the creation of our local artists, cool murals and unique graffiti.
Address: Street Pictor Arthur Verona, no.13-15

Gradina Floreasca/Floreasca Garden – A different kind of garden. Come here for a day of relaxing with good food and a pool to cool you down in the hot summer days. Spending your day with all your family or friends and later on enjoy here a live concert and a good meal under the sky sounds like the perfect recipe!
Address: Bd. Mircea Eliade, no. 16

Gradina cu Filme/The garden with movies – Centrally located in Romana Square, behind hidden alleys you find the garden with movies. If you are missing the days of movie projections while lying on the grass we have the solution. Every night is a good selection of movie or sometimes concert of contemporary bands. Anyway we are sure you will enjoy the experience!
Address: Alexandru Lahovary square, no,7

Control – The must do in Bucharest! The beer garden where you meet locals and travelers, have deep conversations, make friends and later in the night enjoy dancing and music! A bar, a garden, a place to love Bucharest
Address: Street Constantin Mille, no. 4

Simbio – A very local atmosphere, a place to go out where the history of Little Paris gems meets the design of the contemporary days. At Simbio you can have a drink in the wine cellar of the house, have a burger near the stove from the first floor or enjoy the chic garden between the lights and the stars.
Address: Street Negustori, no.26

Dianei 4 – A typical experience that anyone should have when arriving in Bucharest starts with a coffee from the bay window of the house that you find obviously on the Street Dianei, number 4. Outside you can stay for the selected wines and the sound of the quiet street surrounded by old beautiful houses.
Address: Street Dianei, no.4

Lente – Street art lovers, this is for you! Lente is the unconventional home of creation of a lot of graphic designers and local artist, the place where the walls of the garden transformed into their canvas. Admire their work, enjoy your beer and play board games at Lente!
Address: Street Dionisie Lupu, no.78

Lokal – Always having good music and nice people, always having a good time. Go to Lokal for a local experience! Architecture, music, dreaming and feelings. Emerge into this world!
Address: Street Mihai Eminescu, no.57