Bucharest is an amazing city with plenty of stuff to be done and to be seen, especially in the central area. Bucharest is suffering a lot because of its communist legacy. Is the most congested city in EU and is spread on vertical because of the blocks built during communist period.

On the other side, the city is a mix of architectural styles, with a lot of streets and wonderful parks. Not being very hilly, is hard to find spots where you can see the city from above. Below is a list of higher places that give a nice view of the city from different parts. Some of them need some booking is advance, you will need to pay an entrance fee or order something from the menu.

Note: some of the locations might be pricey.

Nonetheless, is worth having a look, especially if the atmosphere is clear (after a rain or in the morning). In the northern part of the city, when the sky is very clear you might have a very nice surprise and see the mountains.

Central area

  • Nomad SkyBar, 30 Smardan st, 2nd floor – gives a nice view over the Old Town. The location has good reviews but might be pricey.
  • National Museum of Contemporary Art terrace – 2-4 Izvor st – gives a nice overview of the city center; you will need to pay entrance for the museum.
  • Pura Vida Sky Bar, 7 Smârdan st – nice location for sunset in the Old Town, weekly events.

Northern area

  • 18 Lounge, 3-5th Presei Libere Square, City Gate South Tower, 18th floor – overview of northern part of the city with a good view over Herăstrău Park and its surroundings.
  • Nor Bucharest – 246C Floreasca st, 36th floor – this is the highest building in Bucharest – overview of the whole city, especially its northern part.

Note: both locations are in an office buildings so expect to be crowded during lunch time.

North-eastern area

  • Tei Park Observation Wheel (website in Romanian so use a translation tool) – 11-13 Chiristigiilor st – a view over Plumbuita and Tei lakes and some blocks in the Tei neighborhood.

South-eastern area

  • Observatory of Văcărești Natural Park – 168 Splaiul Unirii, Bldg. T4, 16th Floor, Apt. 1601 – offers the visitors a gorgeous panoramic view over the park, from 60 m height. You can also visit the natural park.

Eastern area

  • Make a Point Tower – 1 Morarilor – a view over Pantelimon neighborhood. Reservation is needed.

Bonus: check The Last Floor project by Ștefan Țuchilă. He made a lot of pictures of Bucharest from different high locations. Most of them are not accessible or have restricted access rules so the only way is to look in his pictures.

sky tower bucharest

Sky Tower (level 35) Floreasca Lake, photo credit: Cretzu Blogaretzu [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons