Besides our free walking tours in Bucharest, another way to discover the city is with the bus. There is a hop on hop off Bucharest City Bus tour operated by STB (Bucharest Transport Company). During the tour, you will see some of the most beautiful boulevards of Bucharest, some traffic jams and some really nice objectives.

In 2019, Bucharest City Bus will run from Sunday, 2nd of June. Please contact STB if more information are needed. Call them at +4021 307 4180, +4021 9391 or drop an email at the bus is not running.

The route is a loop and these are stops for Bucharest City Bus:

  • Free Press Square (Piata Presei Libere)
  • Village Museum (Muzeul Satului)
  • Arch of Triumph (Arcul de Triumf)
  • Victory Square (Piata Victoriei)
  • Revolution Square (Piata Revolutiei)
  • CEC Palace (Palatul CEC)
  • Palace of Parliament (Casa Poporului/ Palatul Parlamentului)
  • Union Square (Piata Unirii) – here is where Walkabout free walking tour of Bucharest(the tour is in English but we have also the tour in Spanish – La historia de Bucarest) starts, so you can join us 🙂 and then continue your bus trip from the next station
  • University Square (Piata Universitatii)
  • Roman Square (Piata Romana)
  • Victory Square (Piata Victoriei)
  • Arch of Triumph (Arcul de Triumf)
  • Village Museum (Muzeul Satului)
  • Free Press Square (Piata Presei Libere)

The loop takes about 50 minutes, depending on the traffic and sometimes, especially between 16:00 and 19:00, during the week there are a lot of traffic jams. Therefore, the trip might take longer.

Schedule, costs and facilities of Bucharest City Bus

A bus leaves each 20-25 minutes. The first bus leaves from Free Press Square (Piata Presei Libere) at 10:00 and the last one leaves at 21:00. From Union Square (Piata Unirii) to Free Press Square (Piata Presei Libere) the last bus leaves at 21:25. The cost is 25 lei per adult and 10 lei for kids aged between 7 and 14 (free for kids under 7). The card can be acquired in the bus. You can pay in lei (only lei/RON accepted, no other foreign currency) or with banking card.

The bus is a double decker, with open upper deck and the bus and the stations are branded with Bucharest City Bus. The bus stops only on those stations. Consequently, the red bus and stations are what you should look for!

The summer is very hot in Bucharest so you should have some water with you, some cap for shade and some food. Although the buses are equipped with conditioned air, on the upper deck the view is more spectacular. There is also free wi-fi in the bus.

Objectives along the way

There are some interesting objectives along the way that you could visit: the Village Museum (at the stop with the same name), the George Enescu Museum, National Museum of Natural History/Antipa Museum (both at the Victory Sq. stop), the Revolution Square/Piata Revolutiei (where you will find Romanian Atheneum, The National Art Museum, Carol Statue).

bucharest city bus

Photo credit: Victor Silaghi

Check the map of the route for other objectives.

Additional info

There are also some vouchers available. You should check Bucharest City Bus website for the hotels where you can get vouchers.