Bucharest is a well known destination for a quick getaway of 2-3 days. Of course, the city has plenty to offer to fill up your days and nights for this timeframe but let us dare you to prolong your stay and really dive into Romanian culture. Just minutes away from the city, using local public transportation you can see:

  • Therme – A thermal bath complex for everyone’s tastes. From waterslides, massage areas, special bathing mineral treatment to big pools & restaurants. And everything very close to the airport. You can get there with a special bus called THERME.
    For more details you can access their page: https://therme.ro/en/contact/directions/
  • Mogosoaia Palace – One of the most beautiful summer palaces built around Bucharest in the 1700’s by Constantin Brancoveanu. A ruler that brought music, culture and development to the southern part of Romania. Very good for exploring, it is a huge park which includes the palace’s museum, a lake where you can rent boats, a restaurant and you can even do that picnic that you dreamed off in a crowded city. It’s a must! 😉
    Program and how to get there: Valea Parcului Street, no.1 Ilfov County / It’s about 15 km from Bucharest and the easiest way to get there is by using the metro M4 – green line till Parc Bazilescu station. From there you take the bus 460 that leaves you directly at the location.
    Tip: You can tell the bus driver from the beginning where you’re getting off, or you can hear him in Romanian when he calls the name of the station. It’s your choice :)))

For those of you tired of walking around concrete and stone we recommend some adventure parks where, depending on the type of adventurer you are, you can either do extreme sports or have a picnic with your friends. Here are our suggestions:

  • Comana Adventure Park – A cool, vibrant summer retreat with a lake in the middle, located in the south of Bucharest which is filled with history plus an adventure park. It’s a must to do if you want to escape hot & messy Bucharest. Some fresh air well taken ;).
  • Edenland Adventure Park – Another adventure park that will leave you breathless situated in the north part of Bucharest. Plenty of activities to choose from: archery, hiking, biking, paintball, tree climbing and many more. For more details, you can access the website:
    To get to these off the beaten path destinations is a bit tricky, because the only way is by renting a car. Yeap, as you heard. However an Uber or Taxify will help you in need.

And now we continue with some exotic sites that you can try around Bucharest:

  • Lacerta – If you are a fan of wine tasting or just want to impress your travel partners and you want to escape the concrete jungle, this place is a must as well. It’s about 1 h 30 minutes drive from Bucharest and only accessible by car. But as you’ll get there you will not be dissapointed. They have an entire collection of wines that you can try out. From white, rose to red. Check their website for more information:https://www.lacertawinery.ro/en/
  • Snagov – This area is about 20 km away from Bucharest. Snagov Monastery is considered to be one of the presumed burial grounds of Vlad. The other place is Comana. Yeah, I’ve mentioned it earlier :). There are plenty of things you can do here such as: visiting Vlad’s monastery (by the way: it’s placed on an island surrounded by water), see one of Ceausescu’s former residences (unfortunately only from a distance, because of it’s today private use), rent a boat, have a picnic around Snagov forest and cycle around.
  • Sinaia – And of course for skiing & hiking we have a 2 h 30 min train drive beautiful mountain resort. It’s the home of the most amazing castle – Peles – the Romanian royal family summer residence. The castle can be visited mostly any time with some restrictions in winter. Monday & Tuesday all museums in Romania are closed.
  • Busteni & Azuga – Close to Sinaia using the train, these are also very good destinations if you want to try hiking.