Something you did not know when you booked that flight to this hidden gem of Eastern Europe called Bucharest, was probably that you have plenty of options to keep yourself busy until next Christmas.

The festival and concert agenda is packed for this year in Bucharest. The coolest happenings and some of the best known bands around the world are dropping by in 2019, to make their personal contribution to the diversity and colorful nature of this city.

Starting spring all the way until late autumn, the city has a huge list of options for events, concerts and festivals to cater to every taste. The biggest names on the list this year are:

  • Ed Sheeran, Arena Nationala Stadium, July 3rd, details and tickets here.
  • Bon Jovi, July 21st, Constitution Square, details and tickets here.
  • Metallica, August 14th, Arena Nationala Stadium, details and tickets here.

In case you have more time available, check out some local festivals:

  • European Film Festival, 6 may 2019, details here.
  • Summer Well, 10 – 12th August 2019, details here.
  • Bucharest Craft Beer Festival, August 31st – September 1st, details here.

Check the full list of concerts and festivals on our calendar of events.

bon jovi

Photo credit: Mihai Anghel