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If you are planning a city break in Bucharest or even a month long in depth introduction to our city, here are some piece of advice if you are arriving by air (planes only, hot air balloons or other devices excluded) in our beautiful multicultural cosmopolitan “Little Paris”.

Many airports are at times the first thing tourists encounter in a country, so it is the place where they first interact with locals, services, businesses and hospitality services.

Romania is well known for its warm welcoming locals, mostly in the countryside but there is no exception in Bucharest. Maybe just a little. As you arrive in Henri Coanda Bucharest Airport (OTP – comes from the former name of Otopeni) it might be useful to know that Henri Coanda was a Romanian inventor creating the Coanda effect that stood at the basis of modern day jet engine. Although our largest airport in the country, this may seem small compared to others in the western world. Back in the day, up until the 2000’s, it used to be a real hustle to get from the Airport to the city for somebody that didn’t know any word in Romanian.

Luckly, things have changed nowadays. Here are several ways to get from the airport to downtown: bus line 780 runs from 5 AM until 11 PM between airports arrivals terminal and Bucharest North Rail Station (Gara de Nord) while bus line 783 with the same schedule between arrivals and Unirii Square. A ticket booth is available to the right hand side as you exit at ground floor.

For train connection, a shuttle runs every hour taking passengers to the nearby rail station (5 minute drive) from the upper floor of the arrivals terminal.

Should you have more money to spend, taxi’s are available through a special booth inside arrivals. These are safe, faster, but more expensive.

If you are feeling hungry right as you arrive in our country and cannot wait for those “sarmale” and “mamaliga” or “mici”, there is a “hidden” supermarket at the ground floor with fresh cooked food rather than brand stores along the boarding gates area.

In regards to basic tourist information, on the corridor between is an automatic “Tourist Information” available with all kinds of alternatives to lodging, transportation and activities while in Bucharest. Talking about activities, make sure you join us daily for the number 1 activity in town: The Free Walking Tour starting from Unirii Square. All other info that you missed or still have questions about, our friendly guides are anxious to answer (if they know the answer)

Enjoy your stay in Bucharest! Now you can have a beer!