Just landed? This is how you can get to Bucharest from the Otopeni airport.

By Bus

Local transportation has now 4 Express lines that serve the Henri Coanda airport. Most of them leave every 30 minutes from the Arrival platform. Here you can see where they go and the schedule.

  • 780 – to Basarab Train Station (close to Gara de Nord – main train station of Bucharest). Normally the trip lasts about 50 minutes but it depends on the traffic a lot. Check the schedule here.
  • 783 and 784– to Unirii Square. You can check the center of the city and our free walking tour “Story of Bucharest”. The trip lasts about 45 minutes but it depends a lot on the hour and traffic. The two lines have a slightly different trail in the city so it is useful to see what is closer to your accommodation. Schedule and trails are here for 783 and 784.

You can buy the transport card from the gray booth. Two way card for the express lines costs less than 2 euro (7 lei).

Penalty fare is 50 lei (aprox. 10 euro)

By Train

There are few trains connecting the Henri Coanda Airport to the Gara de Nord main train station. You will need to purchase your ticket from the Arrivals platform, level 1- around 8 lei (2 euro) and the price includes also the bus to the train station. You can check the schedule here.

The trip lasts in total about one hour.

By taxi

There are some special machines from where you can order a taxi. Take your ticket and wait for the taxi outside. The cost of a trip to the city center is about 50 lei (10 euros). They accept only local currency – lei.

From the city to the airport you also have the option of using UBER or Taxify.

By Shuttle or rented car

There are many companies operating special transports and also a rent a car point in the airport. Feel free to arrange it yourself or write us for help if needed.