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Join our free walking tours in Bucharest and stroll through 500 years of history from Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula, to the “golden era” of communism, the ’89 Revolution and today’s protests.
Every day, rain or shine! Available in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

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Dear Visitor!

Welcome to our project and to our way of exploring Bucharest!

Walkabout Free Tours started in 2010 as an enthusiastic initiative of some friends passionate about their city and in love with travelling.

Starting 2022, Traventure SRL will take this amazing project to the next level, continuing in the tradition of fun, entertaining and educational walking tours and experiences that uncover Bucharest and its many layers to our awesome guests.


I am very passionate about traveling, always seeking out the magic of places I visit and love meeting people and discovering diverse cultures.
I strongly believe that we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us !

Let’s explore this beautiful city together!


My name is Daniel and it’s a pleasure to be your guide!
My hobbies include: drawing in my sketchbook, fantasy themed pc games, taking photos with my phone, singing in front of my bathroom mirror, eating rice with vegetables, always trying to decide if I like cats or dogs more, etc. I am excited and very grateful for the opportunity to meet new people and tell them stories of Bucharest on these tours. Ever since I was a kid up to the present moment, Bucharest has given my many good memories, friends and awesome times!
So basically…I’m living proof that it’s a great town! Let’s not waste any more time and let’s start getting to know it! I am also a Libra so my tours will be perfectly balanced!”.
“Under the heavens we journey far/ On roads of life we’re the wanderers”.


Hey! I am Elena – Enthusiastic, Ludic, Energetic, Natural, Active.
I am a puppeteer that is always playing, I think that everyone needs to get in touch with the inner child and play from while to while. One of my hobbies is showing the beauty of my city to everyone interested, locals or travelers.
Colors and smiles!


My name is Tudor and even if I don’t relate with the Tudor Dynasty, I still believe my blood is a bit royal. But, the friendly Tudor version :). Anyway, the main thing I can say about me is that I’m an investigator rather than a guide. Anything that intrigues me, I end up going through all the files to come up with a part of the truth to tell it to my guests. Besides that, I like to explore unknown parts of Bucharest, a city that I find really filled with contrast and a lot to discover. So as a conclusion I get to be the urban investigator explorer. Can’t wait to see you on one of my tours.


My name is Anca. I love everything about travel, tech and, surprisingly, macrame:) 

If you think that is an eclectic gathering of activities, you should join me on tour so I can tell you ALL about the eclectic history of Bucharest and Romania.

I have been a tour guide for the past 7 years and I am still passionate about the amazing, chaotic, surprising, busy, noisy, inspiring city that is BUCHAREST.

Looking forward to  walking alongside our amazing travelers through the meandering and quaint streets of the Old Town. 


Hello, my name is Mara! I was born in Transylvania but I have been living in Bucharest for the last 13 years. I really enjoy travelling and meeting new people. My hobbies are everything related to Asian culture and travelling around the world. My favorite phrase is “Hakuna matata”, so “don’t worry” and let’s explore the city together.


Hi! I am Maria and I am happy to be your guide around the amazing city of Bucharest!

I was born in Rm. Valcea, but I have been living in Bucharest for over 8 years now. After discovering the city myself and falling in love with it, I am now excited to tell its stories to as many people as possible. My passions include travelling, hiking, history, food and learning about other people and cultures.

For me, being a tour guide means following my passions, and also discovering something new every day – about the city,  other countries and about myself. It is not a job, it is like walking around Bucharest with new friends every time, so I am always enthusiastic for the next tour.

Are you ready for the tour?


Picture your dream walking tour, add a dash of spontaneity, and sprinkle it with a whole lot of fun—that’s what you get when you join me on one of my epic tour around Bucharest.

My name is Anaid, the newest addition to this amazing team of guides.



Me llamo Gabriela, soy un apasionado de la aventura y de los viajes. Me considero una persona sociable y amistosa y una de las cosas que más me gustan es hablar. Así que os espero a que os enseñe un poco la ciudad y que tengáis la oportunidad de tener una de las mejores experiencias de vuestra vida.


Hello, my name is Julian, I like connecting with people, share stories and explore new places. A few years ago I was passing this square where one of my colleagues was entertaining a group of people and I thought ” I HAVE to try this out” – hooked right on the spot. Originally from Bucharest, I am passionate about the history of the city and being a guide has given me the chance to enhance that passion. There are a lot of interesting stories waiting to be unrevealed and places to be discovered so join me in an exploratory journey around the city.


Join Alex – one of our most interactive guides –  for a truly unforgettable experience! With a passion for story telling, interactive history, and a dash of stand-up comedy, he will take you on a journey through the city’s fascinating past while keeping you entertained with humor and engaging activities. 

Catch Alex on your next Walkabout Free Tour.

We're looking for more passioante story tellers!

Be part of the most welcoming and infotaining experience in the city!

We want you in our team if you:
  • Like and know the city
  • Have a strong general knowledge but you’re always open to learning more
  • Are open minded and proactive
  • Are communicative, entertaining and a good story teller
  • Speak English very well (any other language is a plus)
  • Are interested in travelling and what’s new in town
  • Can make yourself heard and you’re never late
  • Are not afraid of making fun of yourself
  • Make friends easily (on and off line)
  • Like to explore new things and are open to share them
If you join us, you would:
  • Be part of a super friendly, dynamic and passionate team
  • Practice your public speaking
  • Benefit from training sessions
  • Meet different people and make from all around the world
  • Be part of an exciting project that allows you to grow and develop your own initiatives
  • Work in an international environment


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